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Compare success of two countries with their Foreign policy

 Founder members of Non Allinged movement

Foreign policy is really big matter and success, defense many things depend on that. There are more than 200 countries in world so I am not able to cover all of them at a time .In this category I am choosing India and Israel. India got freedom in 1947.

 Failed forieng policy of India 

On that time India not treat as super power not a financial power but yes India has well known regional power status on that time. In some parameter India is more powerful than China.

 Nehru with Chinese head Mao

But It was the bad luck for this new born country That He got Jawaharlal Nehru as Prime minister .This man never had a foresightness quality and want to establish himself as like world leader like Churchill, Roosevelt. On that time Indian Govt. took some stupid steps, which affect Indian growth and south East Asia.
This data well define that Indian foreign policy not able to get support in world forum

He forgot about age old diplomacy teach by old Indian philosopher Chnakya:

“People feared from poisonous snake” As per British treaty need to protect Tibet from any external interference. But India did nothing when China takeover that country. India brings Kashmir issue in UNO after winning Kashimir war in 1948, and that issue not solved till now.

Jawaharlal openly reject Security Council member ship, when USA support India as UNO Security Council membership .India raise nonaligned movement flag and not make any relation with super power. Not only that this man reduced defense budget and give message to world that he was a peace loving leader. Due to all this ,India not able to give tuff fight to age old Chinese army in Indo-China  war 1962.Indian soldiers don’t had equipments and bullets to fight they don’t had transport vehicle to reach war front. A country, which fights many wars for British and trained by British, defeated by Chinese red force, who were not well trained nor had modern weapons of that time.

On that time no one country from NON ALINGED MOVEMENT came for Indian support.

On the other hand Pakistan join US group and got well equipments and military hardware and in 1965 Indo pak war beat Indian air force .Indian navy not play any role in front of Pak navy. Pakistan army entered in Indian soil in west India. Pakistan made friendly relation and solve all border dispute with China after INDO_CHINA war.

After defeat in Indo-China war no one world accepted India as a powerful country. Indian always stands with Philistine in world forum against Israel to get Middle East sympathy. On the other hand no one Middle East country ever support Indian in Kashmir issue or in Indo –China war. On the other hand Saudi Arabia, Iran, Oman, Bahrain and other Middle East country support Pakistan in 1965-71 war against India.

On the other part of world a small country came into existence from 1947-48.This country had nothing in starting, but only the will power of their citizen. This country started everything from own and fight to every powerful countries of Middle East for existence. This country won each war against him.
This country none other than Israel. Israel always worked from starting only for growth and security of their home land. They had strongest and dangerous security service in world and had operation in every corner of world for the safety of their homeland and their citizen. They don’t think about bullshit moreality, because they well known that if they survive or become rich prosper than only other country take them seriously.
They killed Iran nuclear scientist in different foreign operation because they don’t want that their enemy got nuclear bomb.
Israli made survelliance aircraft 
 Israli made barak anti misile defense system

They provide same option to Indian Govt. in 90s that if they provide refueling facility to Israel planes than they destroyed Pakistan nuclear reactors, and then Pakistan don’t develop nuclear bomb, but Indian Govt. on that time reject this plan because they thought that Pakistan would take same step against Indian nuclear reactor.
 Israli border survelliance system

But in reality Pakistan don’t have such plan which could able to break Indian air defense system and attack any Indian nuclear reactor.
Isareli Border survelliance system

Israel always provides India most advance surveillance system to protect border from infiltration as well as provide Barak missile defense system.
Israel always stands with western world in every issue, but always thinks for their own country first on the other hand Indian foreign policy based on morality and Nehru era. Due to this foreign policy India is always standing alone in Kashmir issue, got no support from any other country in any issues in world platform. India lost one third of Kashmir due to this foreign policy, except Bhutan no other neighbor country stand with India. Western countries never support Indian stand in any diplomatic stand. Now the time came when India need to reconsider again there foreign policy to fight new challenges.


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