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Is Ebola a biological weapon test?

Before you read my blog I want to make clear that this story based on my personal opinion and current world scenario. I was already inform in my previous post that there was no terrorist organization in world only the secret service of enemy country help extremist to fight against their enemy country. All terrorist organization got financial support training and their base camp from enemy countries secretes service.

 Ebola Attack
 Ebola Virus
 US citizen infected with this virus
 symtom of Ebola

Now I came to my topic, I wanted to live this post two month back when Ebola problem arise in world stage but then think that this was not correct   time.
I was already inform that in my last post about biological weapon that from old time people used different  diseases and infected items of epidemic  diseases in war to destroy their enemy army.
Today science and technology grow many fold ,but still success of any weapon depend on their actual test.

The reason why I think that Ebola is not a natural spread disease.
*Ebola virus is very strong, which s only possible through genetic engineering
*Natural made disease can’t spread as soon as like Ebola
*Theory gave by World Health Organization and media is not easy to digest. Ebola virus found in ape when the take forest fruits and through that infected fruits in forest and later bats ate that and infected with same virus and when human of West African countries ate bat as their food than they infected with same ebola virus and from there other human infected after touching or went near to infected person.
*US charitable missionary went there for help and one of them got infected .US bring that man with isolation plane facility when at the starting phase people died because of no antidote than how that US citizen alive.
*Why only in some part of West Africa (Somalia), when the other African countries also ate bat in their food.
*Why this was not spread in other country where bat eaten like China.
This kind of story alredy shown in Hollywood and bollywood movie like: xxx, Die anotherday, Krishh3 etc.
If my logic is right than whom are behind this? As I am already told that there is no evidence but doubt definitely arising based on situation.
1.USA:Chances of US involvement is low because US charitable mission present their and one of them infected with this virus      .Definitely  CIA is not as much idiot to show rest of the world with such incidence but doubt also arise.
*USA had genetic engineering facility and wants to test this new virus effect on human and West Africa is right place to test this virus.
*US Govt. never allowed there citizen to went in such dangerous place.
*When there is no antidote available in world ,US citizen condition continue improve after come back to US soil, that means US had treatment facility to fight such disease.
*Place selection to test this virus, where no other secret service of Russia, China, North Korea and Iran present.
*US want to show rest of the world about strength of their Biological weapon and presence of the US citizen was also preplanned.

 Why Russia:
Some decade ago KGB from USSR was well known for using biological weapon against their enemy. Russia also wants to regain super power status.
*Ebola was right steps to show rest of the world Russian scientific and biological weapon strength.
*Russia had genetic engineering facility and wants to test this new virus effect on human and West Africa is right place to test this virus.

Why China:
*China wanted to show rest of the world about his strength as a super power and biological weapon is perfect way to show that.
*China used satellite killer missile to show his strength and ignore all objection of world.            
*China had genetic engineering facility and wanted to test this new virus effect on human and West Africa is right place to test this virus.
Same logic applies for Iran, Israel, and North Korea etc.

One more logic was that CIA reported that Iraq working on biological weapon during Saddam regime but after war nothing found there. Possibility that was transfer to Uganda and due to this US and NATO operate next in Uganda but again US got nothing that means all that biological weapon went in hand of terrorist organization. Ebola was only one of those biological weapons. I am not saying only these are real facts but I believe nothing is impossible and secrete service world is more dangerous and lots of hidden truth.

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  1. This is literally the dumbest thing I have ever read.